Content bureau Brainrush helps brands to enter a dialogue with its auditory.

Interactive video uses all of the advantages of digital environment. It lets to have a dialogue with the auditory within content thus prolonging user contact recieving deliberate high quality reply.

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Brainrus unites interactive technologies and unique experience of it's execution — from idea to development and launch of a campaign with effeciancy evaluation. We know what will make millions of users collaborate with your brand and how to make in happen.

  • Transformation of an image video into a wholesome dialogue with a user
  • Growth of ad message contact time
  • Personalisation of contact using dinamic creatives
  • Exact result metrics: viewability, involvement, prolongation of brand contact
  • Research of campaingn effeciency inside player interface

Brainrush — the only company in Russia successfully creating interactive content.

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